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There are about 1,000,000 college students in the United States right now!

Study in USA an amazing time to be a foreign student in the USA.

Most importantly, American universities want to have more foreign students. Universities see foreign students as a valuable addition to their communities.

This is excellent news for you because it means that universities are interested in accepting your application and in awarding scholarships or financial aid to foreign students.

However, students from all over the world compete for these places.

To increase your chances of being accepted to one of America’s top universities, we have created an admissions and application guide for hundreds of different colleges. Select any school to view its guide (or come back here later).

What is studying abroad?

Studying abroad allows you to leave your home country for an extended period of time to live and study at a foreign university or institution.

Not only will you deepen your understanding of the English language (or the local language), but you will immerse yourself in a culture, experience and community that you cannot imagine unless you are there in person.

Studying abroad is more popular than ever. The table below shows the countries that send the most people to the United States to study.

What are the best universities to study in the United States?

Thousands of universities have programs for foreign students. How can you know which is the best option?

Defining “the best” is very difficult, but these are the 11 most popular universities for foreign students:

College name Number of foreign students
New York University 13,178
University of Southern California 12,334
Columbia university 11,510
Arizona State University 11,330
University of Illinois 11,223
Northeastern University 10,559
Purdue University 10,230
University of California 10,209
Michigan State University 8,146
University of Washington 8,035
Boston University 7,860

By the way, check out this video from NYU, the first university on the list. CampusReel has 15,000 videos like this one. These videos are virtual tours taken by current college students.

What are the best places to study in the US?

You can think of the United States as five major regions: Northeast, Northwest, Middle East, Southeast, and Southwest.

The reason these regions are important is because, in general, each has its own climate and these are very different in each of the regions. This is a simple way to think about the climate of each one:

  • Northeast: 4 different seasons. Much ocean. It can be either very cold or very hot.
  • Northwest: Very temperate climate. It is never too hot and is generally dry. It can get very cold.
  • Middle East: Tornadoes Happen Frequently! It has no outlet to the sea, there are no oceans to cool off. The people are very friendly but the region is quite flat. It is mainly flat and dry, with some mountains to the north.
  • Southeast: Extremely hot and humid. It is never cold or snowing. If you are near the water you will go to the beach all the time.
  • Southwest: Extremely hot, but not humid. It is very dry, like a desert.

Statistics and data provide only a cursory understanding of a place or university. For this reason, if you really want to study in the United States, you should watch the videos on CampusReel.

If you want to play it safe, you can choose one of the places that other foreign students have chosen to study in the United States. The most popular states are California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Personally, I always recommend that they study in a big city in the United States like New York or San Francisco. This guarantees you a major airport close by, so you can easily travel to other parts of the US, enjoy hundreds of restaurants, and never get bored!

For your information, the cheapest city to study in the United States is Buffalo (northeast of New York) but it is extremely cold …

Hundreds of universities in the US offer study programs for foreigners, therefore, if there is a specific city or region you want to be in, there is no doubt that there is a university nearby.

The most important thing is that you don’t end up in a city with super hot weather if you hate heat, or in a city with super cold weather if you hate snow. But I’m sure price is a big factor too, so let’s continue.

How much does it cost to study in the US?

Studying in the United States can be very expensive if you don’t do a proper search for prices. Although it is unfair, if your family can take care of the normal price of tuition you will have an advantage.

However, don’t let the official price scare you off.

There are many ways to reduce the price and, in some cases, you can even study abroad for free.

The average price of a public school in the US is $ 20,770 and private schools have a cost of $ 46,950. A public school means that the institution is funded by taxpayer money, while a private school is funded through grants, donations, and tuition.

IMPORTANT: Just because private universities are more expensive does not mean they are better. Some of the most prestigious and beautiful universities in the world are US public universities.

There are three ways to reduce the cost of studying abroad, or even studying for free: loans, financial aid, and scholarships.

Study abroad loans Some banks provide loans for foreign students in the US. However, not all banks do. These banks generally require that you have a consignee who is a US citizen or non-citizen permanent resident. They do this to reduce the risk of not getting their money back.

The loans can be used for anything related to your education, including tuition, books, supplements, transportation and other related expenses 🎉

Financial aid for foreign students: Wealthy universities can provide financial aid for their exceptional foreign applicants. Financial aid means that they will help you pay your tuition costs. However, this varies from college to college.

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