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Test your skills is a very good feature of Telenor app providing free internet access to the peoples. Here on this page, we upload daily quiz answers for those personalities who did not solve the questions.

 we provide correct answers to the Telenor App of Test Your Skills. Where You have to select the correct option and Get free MB’s from the MY Telenor App.

Today Telenor Answers 27 April 2021 | Telenor Answers

My Telenor app quiz Answers get Free Internet from Telenor. Telenor Offers daily free internet for their customers they answer 5 Questions and get free internet Daily. These general knowledge questions are very valuable in regular life.


Who is the founder of Microsoft?

  • Steve
  • Henry
  • Bill Gates
  • Charlie

Telenor Answer 1 : Bill Gates


Which way is anti-clockwise?

  • Left
  • RIght
  • Up
  • Down

Telenor Answer 2 : Left


Which vitamin helps to heal the wound?

  • C
  • D
  • B
  • E

Telenor Answer 3 : C


How many primary colors are there?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 8
  • 4

Telenor Answer 4 : 3


Which city is the capital of China?

  • Beijing
  • New York
  • Islamabad
  • Istanbul

Telenor Answer 5 : Beijing


Telenor Answers | Telenor quiz answer today

You can view all Telenor Answers 27 April 2021 in feature from the Telenor quiz answer today questions links.

Q No 1:  Who is the founder of Microsoft?

Q No 2: Which way is anti-clockwise?

Q No 3: Which vitamin helps to heal the wound?

Q No 4: How many primary colors are there?

Q No 5: Which city is the capital of China?

When you click on the question which you want to know, you will go to the answer to the question. As the same all other questions link output and redirect you to the answer page which you want to read. I believe you know well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where the correct Telenor answers to the  Quiz can be found on a daily basis?

The shrinebhat is a platform where you will find the right answers to the Telenor Quiz on a daily basis. These answers are collected from different platforms to convey the correct answers to our users. I personally get 50 MB or 100 MB free internet by applying these answers on My Telenor App. You can also get 50 MB or 100 MB free internet using these answers.

Can My Telenor App Really Get Free MBs?

Yes, you can get really free MBs from My Telenor App but for that, you have to give correct answers to Test Your Skills quiz. If you can’t answer correctly, you can’t get Telenor Free MBs.

How to get Telenor free internet MBs in Pakistan?

If you want to get Telenor Free MBs Internet you have to give correct answers to the My Telenor App quiz.

How many MBs of the internet do we get from the My Telenor App quiz?

If you answer the My Telenor App Test Your Skills quiz correctly, you will receive 100 MB for a day or occasionally 50 MB which you can use for one day only. Maybe one day after the rest of your data will be wasted and the next day you will have to give correct answers to the Telenor quiz again.

This Telenor quiz today’s answers are correct or not?

The answers to the above Telenor Quiz Today are absolutely correct. You can get free MB internet for one day from the My Telenor app by using them.

How many MBs did we get from today’s Telenor quiz?

If all 5 questions have been answered correctly, 100 MBS data will be given for one day. Often you get 50 MBS that after you have seen another website, you get these Telenor answers too late. So, if you would like answers, add the site to the website quickly, as you get answers immediately.


My Telenor Answers all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and students get also to gain informational knowledge. I daily upload Telenor answers to all the questions so stay tuned and You must definitely give us your feedback in the comment box below. If you also want to give us any kind of Suggestion, then share your opinion without any hesitation in the Comment section.

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