cheap car insurance | How to find cheap car insurance?

When hiring cheap car insurance there are many factors to take into account: the profile of the driver, the characteristics of the car and the policy that is chosen. Thus we offer you an approach to cheap car insurance for you to choose based on your circumstances and interests.

Cheap third party car insurance

By having a smaller number of coverages, third-party insurance is, as a rule, the cheapest on the market. According to these criteria and making a comparison between the different companies, a cheap basic third-party auto policy would be between approximately 110 and 135 euros per year.

Cheap extended third party car insurance

Extended third-party car insurance is characterized by the fact that, in addition to including the basic coverage of third-party policies, they compensate against broken windows, fire or theft of the vehicle. Comparing the different companies, we can estimate that the price of a cheap extended third party car insurance would be between approximately 135 and 170 euros per year .

How to save when hiring car insurance?

There are several factors that companies take into account when determining the car insurance premium: driver profile (age, year in which the driver’s license was obtained, accident history) vehicle model, dates on which that you want to contract the policy, and use to be made of the car.

Frequently asked questions to buy cheap car insurance

Does the price of a car insurance change when I renew it?

As a general rule yes. Car insurance premiums typically increase based on the age of the vehicle or the age of the driver. It is also common for the price to vary whether or not you have filed a claim while the policy was in force.

When will I be charged for car insurance?

Again, the usual thing is that the insurer passes you the policy premium on the same day that you sign it.

How much can the policy increase if I include a second driver?

It depends once again on the insurer and the profile of the co-driver. If this is under 25 years old and the card has been obtained recently, the increase will be high. In the same way, the more experience behind the wheel this second insured has, the less it will be uploaded. For example, in Direct Seguros, if you include a person under the age of 20 in the policy, the cost of it can double.

Do insurers offer discounts on car insurance?

Yes, many insurers run special promotions for being with them for X years. They also offer benefits for good driving or for presenting when hiring an unblemished record of claims and/or fines.

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